If knocked down 7 times, get up 8 times - Japanese saying

Sparring Sessions / Squad Training / Referee Courses

These sessions are only open to current members - please see Karate Clubs and enrol at one of these dojo (training halls) before attending 'Sparring Sessions'.

Students must have their own mitts, gum shields, shin/instep protectors, groin guards (male [& female optional]), chest protectors (for maturing females); (for juniors head-guard/hood are also advisable).  Equipment including the above as well as other training equipment and kit bags can be purchased through the club (members discount) – Ask Shihan/Sensei for details.

Club ‘Freestyle Sparring / Matted sessions'

These sessions are held once a month (more for intermediate/advanced grades) usually on the second Sunday of the month.  They will cover sparring/kumite (competition) free-style techniques, including sweeps and take-downs, you may also be taught breakfalls.

TKI Association ‘Sparring sessions' - (Closed School Summer Holidays)

These sessions are held once a week, on a matted area,  and cover sparring/kumite (competition) free-style techniques, including sweeps and take-downs.  Sessions are FREE to students who pay monthly to 'train as much as you like' at their club. 

Bellingham Leisure and Lifestyle Centre, 5 Randlesdown Road, Bellingham, London, SE6 3BT

Weekly :-

14:30 - 15:30  ......  Juniors & Seniors / Family Sparring (two areas)
15:30 - 16:00  ......
  Advanced Kata (Brown & Black Belts only)
16:00 - 17:00  ......  Monthly Squad training

Referee Courses (Brown & Black belts) - (Closed July & Aug.)

These sessions will take place on the last Saturday* of the month during the above 'TKI Sparring Sessions' in Bellingham, from 14:00/14:30 - 17:00.  'Referee Courses' are not included in the pay-monthly to train as much as you like.

Monthly (usually the last Saturday of the month):-

14:30 ...... Refereeing / Judging Practise
15:30 ......
Sweeps & Take-downs
16:00 ...... Freestyle Sparring

17:00 ...... Clear up

*  Dates/Times may change on Bank Holiday weekends, School Holidays and Brown & Black belt Grading days (end April & October), therefore please check TKI website before attending.

Click here for the (TKI) WKF Referee Rules, terminology etc.

Squad Training sessions

Students who would like to be considered for the Squad should attend ‘TKI Sparring Sessions’ to qualify/try out.  Squad members will be added or dropped at the end of every month.  Speak to Sensei Toim for further details on the Squad and competitions.

 For Further details on ‘Fight Club’ and Squad Training sessions please contact :-  Sensei Tom Tennick:  020 8325 8072 / 07956 372474 / t.tennick@ntlworld.com / www.tigrakarate.co.uk

2024 Referee Course Dates (2-5pm) :-

  • Click here for the most upto date TKI Events

  • January - 27th
  • February - 24th
  • March - 16th 
  • April - 27th
  • May -  18th (2-4pm) Brown & Black belt grading (4-5pm), so check times
  • June - 29th
  • July -  Summer break
  • August - Summer break
  • September
  • October
  • November -  Brown & Black belt grading, so check times
  • December