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    Karate Clubs

    Update Phased return to training after Covid-19/Coronavirus :-

    17/05/21 As restrictions are lifted from Phase 3 (and later Phase 4) return to training.  Juniors, Teens and Adults can train in our Covid-Safe-Dojo (Thursdays and Sundays); some Virtual-Dojo (via Zoom) may continue at this time. - Contact Sensei for available sessions (times and venues may be different from pre-Covid until we can return to our regular dojo (training halls).

Bookings Only at this time.Please contact sensei@knightskarate.co.uk for details and booking.

    Thursdays - Carey Scutt Scout Hall, Plaistow Lane, Bromley, BR1 3AR
    18:30  Juniors (5-12 yrs)
    19:30  Teens and Seniors (12yrs+ and Adults)
    18:00  Virtual Dojo (Seniors) via Zoom - to be confirmed

    Sundays - Carey Scutt Scout Hall, Plaistow Lane, Bromley, BR1 3AR - Returning to The Pavilion Leisure Centre, BR1 3EF when possible.
    14:00  Beginners and those <6th Kyu
    15:00  Students >6th Kyu
    ??:??  Virtual Dojo via Zoom - to be confirmed

Tuesdays - Virtual Dojo via Zoom - Returning to either Marian Vian Primary School or another venue in Beckenham when possible.
17:00  Virtual Dojo via Zoom for All
    Pre-Covid Dojo sessions are listed below:-

    Members can train at any of our 2 main dojo (training halls) in Bromley and school club in Beckenham :-
    The Pavilion Leisure Centre (Studio 1)
    Kentish Way (behind The Glades Shopping Centre)
    BR1 3EF
    [Nearest Rail = Bromley South (Bromley North).  Nearest Buses = 119, 208, 336, 358 or any to Central Bromley.]
    Sundays   13:00 - 14:00 Family Class  All grades and ages                                                                                                        (jnrs & snrs train separately)
                     13:00 - 14:30  Seniors 6th Kyu and above
                                         (2nd week of the month open to all grades for sparring)
                     13:00 - 15:00  Senior 3rd Kyu and above (Brown & Black Belts)
    Carey Scutt Scout Hall
    (opposite Bromley Cricket & Tennis Club)
    Plaistow Lane
    BR1 3AR
[Nearest Rail = Sundridge Park (Bromley North).  Nearest Buses = 314 or 126, 138, 261 to Plaistow Green.]
    Thursdays   6:30pm-7:30pm   Juniors (5 years - 12 years*)
                        7:30pm-8:30pm   Seniors (13 years* and above, adults), these classes will also include pure-self-defence techniques from time to time.
    *  Students aged 12 years and at least full 6th kyu (green belt) may train in the senior class.  By invitation 3rd kyu and above (who may be <12years) and some lower grade 12 year olds may train in the senior class.


Marian Vian Primary School  (Booking only - opened 12/04/16)  
[Non-Marian Vian students are also welcome]

      (open term time only, pay-by-term, (trial block for new students))
Shirley Crescent (off of Goddard Road)
Elmers End, Beckenham
[Nearest Rail = Elmers End.  Nearest Buses = 367, 194  to Elmers End Green, 356, 358, 354. Any to Upper Elmers End Road / Croydon Road / Eden Park Avenue - Elmers End]
    Tuesdays   4:15pm-5:15pm  
          Please email for details and to register your interest.
    Fight Club / Squad Training / Referees Courses
    Members, who have enrolled at our dojo (see above), can also train at the Fight Club Sessions in Downham Leisure Centre on Saturdays (and Park Langley Tennis Club (Beckenham) on Wednesdays) - See the 'Fight Club etc.' Page for more information.
    Other dojo (training halls) are used from time to time for courses and gradings.
    Nettlefold Hall     -  CLOSED 2011 due to closure of Hall.  Knights Karate Club started here in 1995 and ran a successful club for 16 years; regretfully we are unable to continue in the area due to the closure of the Nettlefold Hall.  Members are welcome to continue to train or restart their training with us at our Bromley venues.  We have missed you, especially those that trained with us for many years.  Whatever you decide we wish you well.