If knocked down 7 times, get up 8 times - Japanese saying


Training / Dojo fees

Your first class (at Bromley) will be FREE.  Contact us to arrange your FREE Trial session.

School Club (Marian Vian) - As we have a limited number of places available at this club - A discounted trial block of 2 classes will be offered and then pay-by-term*.  Contact Shihan-Sensei for current/next term fees, dates and bookings.

Training fees (non-school clubs) can be paid either 'Pay-As-You-Go' or each calendar month (2 options).  For those training regularly paying monthly in advance will give you a discount on the pay as you go fee (prices below from July 2016) :-

  • Pay-As-You-Go £8.50 per 1-hour session.  Sundays and/or Thursdays.  (Intermdiate/Advanced classes 1½-hours £12, 2-hours £15)
  • Monthly* - £30 for 5 1-hour sessions in the calendar month.  Students can train at the club on Sundays and/or Thursdays (fight club is not included) and additional sessions (Thursdays or Sundays) are just £7.50.   
  • Monthly* - £40 to train as much as you like in the calendar month.  You can train at the club on Thursdays and Sundays (including additional 'Freestyle/Sparring' session once a month).  TKI 'Fight Club' sessions (at Downham on Saturdays) are also included (but not referee and other courses).
  • For Fight Club and Referee Courses please check with Sensei Tom for prices.  If you pay to train as much as you like in the calendar month (£40) then fight club sessions are free.
  • For Referees Courses for Brown and Black belts please check current prices with Sensei Tom.  Please note this is not included in the 'train as much as you like' option.

Brown and Black belt courses, Kata and Kumite Courses, etc., are usually around £15 for 2-hour course.  Other courses may be arranged from time to time and prices will be announced to members when the course is advertised.  Those paying in advance* will have a discount on the pay at the door price.

* Refunds can not be given to students that pay in advance and then do not use their sessions.  

Membership / Licence fees

Membership, which includes 
  • person-to-person insurance, 
  • membership to the club (for gradings, information, notices and discounts on equipment), 
  • membership to the association (for grading registration and FEKO (federation of karate organisations) registration) 
  • Licence and Grading Record Book
  • access to courses and competitions 
should be paid before your third session of training and renewed annually.  Membership is £30 per year.  (Late renewal for those still training may incure an additional cost).

Lost Licence books £6.


Members can order their karate and other training equipment through the club at a discount.  Prices are displayed in the dojo for most items, otherwise ask Sensei for prices on specific items.  
White Student Karate Gis (uniform) and Heavy-weight Gis, Holdalls, Mitts, Gum shields, Groin/Chest Protectors, Focus Pads, Shin/Instep Protectors, Tracksuits, T-shirts, Belts, Training equipment, leisure clothing are also available for ordering and FREE delivery to your training session.  Orders are placed monthly - ask Sensei for details.


For those eligible to grade fees will be detailed on your grading invitation.  

Kyu gradings (orange to brown belt gradings) within the Club (maximum of every 3 months), belt included when you pass - Paying on the day usually incurs additional cost.
Brown belt grades are taken at Association level (maximum of every 6 month), belt can be purchased through the club - Fees can be paid on the day.  
ShoDantaken at Association level, Belt and Certificate included when you pass - Fees can be paid on the day.
NiDantaken at Association level.  Certificate included when you pass- Fees can be paid on the day.
SanDantaken at Association level.  Certificate included when you pass - Fees can be paid on the day.