If knocked down 7 times, get up 8 times - Japanese saying

Student Support

Information sheet for Students, KKC Brochure (including Japanese/English Terminology), Grading syllabus tri-fold leaflet (to 3rd kyu), Brown and Black belt guide to the syllabus, kata reminder sheets and kumite reminder sheets are available from Sensei - Please ask for details.  To KKC Students - If you have any queries/questions regarding your training or the club syllabus/training programme or Shotokan Karate etc. please ask either at the dojo (before or after your session) or send Sensei an email.

In addition please find various links to useful clips for Kata, Kumite and Kihon - Sensei will add to these when new items become available.  Scroll down to see links under relevant headings.

30/03/14 - More Links will be made available shortly (in the meantime Google or YouTube 'Kanazawa' and the name of your kumite or kata, e.g. "Kanazawa Sochin".

Kihon (Basic techniques and Combinations)

  Te-waza (Hand techniques)

  Ashi-waza (Leg/Foot techniques)

Kata (Forms)

  Kihon (basic training kata, also known as Taikyoku Shodan kata)
  Heian Shodan      Commentary
  Heian Nidan        Commentary
  Heian Sandan      Commentary
  Heian Yondan      Commentary
  Heian Godan       Commentary
  Tekki-Shodan       Commentary      Bunkai      More

  Bassai-Dai      Commentary      Bunkai      More      Extra  
  Kanku-Dai       Commentary      Bunkai 
  Enpi              Commentary      Bunkai
  Jion              Commentary      Bunkai

  Jitte               Commentary
  Hangetsu        Commentary
  Tekki-Nidan      Commentary
  Bassai-Sho      Commentary
  Kanku-Sho       Commentary
  Gankaku          Commentary

  Sochin              Commentary
  Tekki-Sandan      Commentary
  Chinte               Commentary
  Ji'in                  Commentary
  Nijushiho            Commentary

  Meikyo               Commentary
  Unsu                 Commentary
  Wankan              Commentary
  Gojushiho-Dai       Commentary
  Gojushiho-Sho      Commentary

Kumite (Sparring)

  Gohon-kumite (5-step attack and defense) - This link shows jodan-oizuki/age-uke & chudan-oizuki/soto-ude-uke attacks/defense, chudan-oizuki/uchi-uke & mae-gare/gedan-barai are also practised.
  Sanbon-kumite Number 1 & 2 (3-step attack and defense)
  Sanbon-kumite Number 3 (Number 4 & 5 are also included)
  (Kihon-) Ippon-kumite (Basic 1-step attack and defense) :-
        - Jodan (defences 1-4)
        - Chudan (defences 1-4)
        - Maegare (defences 1-4)
        - Yokogare-Kekomi (defences 1&2)
        - Mawashigare (defences 1&2)
  Juyu-ippon-kumite (Semi-freestyle-1-step attack and defense) :-
        - Jodan (defences 1-4)
        - Chudan (defences 1-4)
        - Maegare (defences 1-4)
        - Yokogare-Kekomi (defences 1-3)
        - Mawashigare (defences 1-3)
        - Ushirogare (defences 1-3)
        - Kzami-zuki (defences 1-3)
        - Gyaku-zuki (defences 1-3)
  Jyju-kumite (freestyle) :-
          - Enoeda  v  Kanazawa
          - M.Murakami  v  N.Kanazawa


Mastering Shotokan Karate